jeudi 30 avril 2009

How I Met Your M....... ?

Jimmy Fallon received last friday Neil Patrick Harris, aka Barney Stinson, during his late night show.
Well, Neil Patrick Harris mystified Jimmy and the audience with a cool card trick. As funny and magic as in the TV show, How I Met Your Mother, he really knows how to put on A ...
wait for it ...


mercredi 29 avril 2009

Et le temps s'arrêta !

Voilà je vais vous dévoiler un des plus grands secret en magie, lorsque qu'un magicien fait des tours, il passe en mode 1000 images/sec voire plus. Vous comprenez comment tout est possible maintenant !

Exploration au coeur de ce que les yeux ne peuvent pas voir...

Cette vidéo est une compilation de l'émission Time Warp qui était diffusée sur Discovery Channel en mars (et qui va revenir prochainement).

mardi 28 avril 2009

Did Samsung choose the right card ?

After the article about the recent competition on youtube by Samsung, I wanted to show you this commercial made by an awesome XCMer, for the Blackjack phone quite a while ago.
Extreme Card Manipulation (XCM) is a discipline in itself which can be used by magicians as flourishes to entertain the eye of the audience. It is not a trick. Flourishes are figures and throws that look really magic. It is difficult to do and you can appreciate them depending on the touch and the fluidity of the performer.
A deck of card can be seen as 52 cards and every combination of these. Adding the freedom of your hands, 10 independent fingers, A LOT of creativity and A LOT of training, now you can understand what XCM is.

Samsung has chosen to keep playing the magical advertising card with the Omnia HD phone (see article below) and is doing a really good job.

lundi 27 avril 2009

You can't hide anything from them

"Lie to Me", a new TV show, is broadcasted every week on FOX since January 2009.
10 episodes are already out and you may wanna watch them if you want to learn about controlling yourself, reading other's biofeedbacks and noticing if someone is lying to you.
And as you may have already heard : "Everybody lies" - Dr. Gregory House.

The pitch :
Human lie detector, Dr. Cal Lightman, uses his impeccable ability to decipher speech and body language to help solve criminal and private investigations. His techniques are based on the original work done by Dr. Paul Ekman in the 1950's.

Dr. Paul Ekman studied the 43 facial muscles that can create 10,000 expressions also called micro-expressions. He found seven universal emotions with unique facial expression.
The emotions are : anger, fear, sadness, disgust, happiness, surprise, and contempt. At least five of these are shared with non-human primates as well. Even more interesting : according to his research, feelings and facial expressions influence each other. This is, not only a sad person will naturally look sad, but a person who intentionally smiles will feel more happy than a person who doesn't (Source :

How will you be able to look or talk to someone the same way after this ?

Magic marketing

Samsung, à l'occasion de la sortie de son nouveau portable, l’Omnia HD (i8910 ou Player HD), met les internautes à contribution sur Youtube en créant une vidéo virale sans trucage mais dont il faut trouver le truc : deviner le moyen qu'a utilisé la marque pour réaliser cette vidéo et faire disparaître le téléphone qui permet de filmer la scène.
Après 10 jours de recherche, un internaute a dévoilé la solution mettant fin au buzz créé par la marque. Cependant, cette idée est très ingénieuse car nombreux sont les internautes qui ont regardé la vidéo plusieurs fois et qui se sont creusés les méninges pour percer à jour ce mystère, sans parler de ceux qui en ont parlé à leurs amis pour l'originalité et la simplicité du concept.

Une façon sympathique d'utiliser la magie et le mystère comme moyens de communication. En bref, la supercherie a beau être dévoilée, la vidéo continue d'être magique, de faire rêver et s'interroger les internautes, et de faire parler d'elle.

En un mot : Abracadabra !

dimanche 26 avril 2009


Pour ceux qui n'étaient pas aux Solidays l'an dernier ou au Printemps de Bourges ce week-end et j'en passe, j'espère que cette vidéo d'Etienne de Crécy vous fera changer d'avis sur l'effet de rêve et de voyage que peut apporter un concert live.
Je vous laisse savourer.

Alors que les maisons de disques se plaignent que le marché de la musique est en baisse à cause du téléchargement sur internet et autres. N'est-ce pas là une bonne occasion d'ajouter de nouvelles sensations et dimensions à la musique ?
Je ne pense pas qu'on puisse pirater ou télécharger une salle de 5000 personnes dansant devant ces cubes qui s'animent au gré de la musique :-p

samedi 25 avril 2009

This is were it all started ...

Hi everyone !

I have read and experienced a few things in my life and I can't stop wanting to know more about others and myself. On this blog, I will try to help you discover stuff that you don't know existed yet or stuff you have maybe never thought of. For you some stuff, I will post here often, might be obvious or clever and for some others it might be magic.

For me, it is something I want to share with you because it keeps me intrigued. I know you will like it if you give it a chance and share this excitment with me.

This blog will be a way for me to keep you updated on what I think is amazing and stunning in our everyday lives. As a magician, people have told me many times that magic doesn't exist and yet I see it happening almost everyday.

I will try to show you people that keep doing unbelievable things for what they love, I will share my passions and hobbies about magic and how its used everywhere, I will try to give you simple techniques you can use on different situations for different purposes.

You just need to start believing ... or not